Counter Strike

Exile5 vs. Chiefs ESC in the Counter Pit League

With Counter Pit coming close to its end, Exile5 face off against Chiefs E-Sports Club with Vetoes bringing the pair onto Mirage (Exile5’s pick) and then onto Train (Chiefs pick). The stakes are high as both teams fight for a higher standing the Counter Pit League. As the first map started, it looked to be an interesting game as the rounds came close yet falling in Chiefs ESC’s favour as they clos... Read article.

Exile5 vs. Trident E-Sports Counter Pit League

As the Exile5 Counter-Strike team finally soothed after their draw with Team Immunity, game 2 of the Counter Pit League began against Trident E-Sports – the division 2 team that surprised the continent with their ACL qualifier run which began and ended in spectacular fashion. Despite the odds being ever in Exile5’s favour, it was no secret that Trident came out in the hopes to cause an upset. The ... Read article.

Exile5 vs. iM in the Counter Pit League

This month on Exile5’s roster brought on the Counter Pit League, a tournament where the first team in each group advances to an offline tournament held in Croatia featuring some of the top teams in the world. As the Counter Pit League began, Exile5 found their way against Team Immunity in the third match of the series fighting a best of 2. The map vetos came down to the first map being Cobblestone... Read article.

Exile5 CS:GO enters the Counterpit Qualifiers with new Roster!

Moving into the end of the year, x5 CS:GO will begin competing in the Counterpit Oceanic Qualifier against the top teams of the region including Team Immunity, Legacy, Vox Eminor, Chiefs, and Trident. To compete against the best of the Oceania has to offer, the team has undergone a series of roster changes to lead into the New Year and beyond. The Team members are excited for the prospect of the u... Read article.

 x5 take on CGPL S4 at Pax Australia

This week at PAX, the CyberGamer Pro League held the Division 1 finals featuring the toughest teams in Australia, casted by the talents from Peanutgallerytv. The original lineup for the CGPL Season 4 Championships was meant to consist of; Team Immunity, Chiefs E-Sports Club, Legacy eSports and SYF Gaming - however due to certain circumstances, Legacy eSports and SYF were replaced with Exile5's Cou... Read article.

x5 CS:GO squad releases player

In light of the actions of Mark "deStiny" Kagan on Sunday, 1st November, Team Exile5 will be releasing him from the organisation effective immediately.This decision has been made in light of his failure to attend the final day of CGPL and/or notify his team in reasonable time.The rest of the team are understandably disappointed and feel let down by his actions. We, as an org, do not condone his ac... Read article.