Exile5 CS @ ESL AU/NZ Championships

10 Aug 2016 7:00pm

This weekend just passed, and with it – the ESL AU/NZ Championship series. Coming into the event the Exile5 CS:GO Squad found themselves confident, seeing themselves playing in a fresh venue with a comfortable lineup yielding results found to be steadier than the shaky moments the team has had over the past year. To start the series, the Exile5 CS:GO team begin from 100 off the get go, being placed against the headliner team; Chiefs E-Sports Club.

What started as a confident game with Exile5 opening the map with the pistol round and following anti-eco’s soon unravelled as Chiefs flew ahead 6-4 by the 11th round. The game came to a clutch of straws by half-time as what looked to be a comeback from Exile5 had begun as they pick up another two rounds while Chiefs quickly take back their form to close out the first half 9-6. What looked to be a formless Chiefs break came to be an illusion as the second half came to a close, reverting back to the monster they are so revered as, closing the game out 16-6 with Exile5 unable to pick up a single round in the second half – The boys worry not as they set their sights on the next map, Train.

Leading into the second map, though slightly shaken up from the prior maps blistering defeat the boys retain their starting confidence, aiming high to defeat the Chiefs for the upper bracket progression. Once again, Exile5 take out the pistol round –already appearing to be a consistent theme for their map starts. Unfortunately Chiefs were able to catch Exile5 off guard with a force buy on the 3rd round, taking the round and the following to even it out. Exile5 find their footing as they once again push on ahead to close out the half 9-6 up on Chiefs. With a surprising defensive strategy, Chiefs take out the pistol round, yet fail to progress on the anti-eco with Exile5 winning an SMG force rush. Exile5 managed to take the next few rounds until the 22nd round where the chiefs were able to once again shape up and close out the game with a few convincing rounds, winning the second map 16-13 – sending Exile5 to the lower bracket to face Athletico Brotherhood.

Progressing onto the first round of the lower bracket, Athletico take Exile5 on Mirage – A map Exile5 have taken out powerhouse teams on in the past, confidence emanating from the Exile5 lineup, the match begins. Unfortunately to begin with, the pistol round was unable to be picked up from Exile5, a sight rarely seen as Athletico manage to see through the sneaky play from Seth on the B site. After a score of 7-3 shows Athletico flexing, Exile5 cut their grin and take back the side to a nail biting 8-7 half. For the second time this map, Athletico were able to take the pistol round as well as the following anti-ecos – A dangerous 6 rounds given to Athletico through the starting sides of the map shows to be Exile5’s downfall after a close second half comes to an end with Athletico taking the map 16-13. As Exile5 had done with Chiefs, they take the second map to train in hopes to pick up a smooth second map.

After failing to take any pistol rounds in the prior map, Exile5 began to flex as they start a match strong by taking the pistol rounds, as well as producing a further 6 rounds piggy backing off the pistol round victory, leading 7-0 before Athletico finally pick up their first round for the map. What started as a strong start to the second map for Exile5 soon fell apart as Athletico showed their strengths, catching up and falling behind by only 3 rounds after the 7 round distance closed in to a half time score of 9-6. Athletico showed their reading ability as they smush Exile5’s push with a pincer from a flank up popdog. The pair go pound for pound through the second half to a nailbiting overtime with Athletico flying ahead for a 22-19 victory over Exile5, closing out the ESL run for the CS:GO squad.

Unfortunately so was the end of the line for Exile5’s ESL Championship run with two strong losses to powerful teams. We at Exile5 would like to thank the talent for their casting and observing of the matches as well as ESL for providing Exile5 with the opportunity to play a LAN of this level, as well as providing equipment, stream, venue and so forth. I would also like to apologize for the delay with this article – I however hope that the delay was worth the wait. Thank you. 

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