Exile5 CS:GO enters the Counterpit Qualifiers with new Roster!

3 Dec 2015 8:00pm

Moving into the end of the year, x5 CS:GO will begin competing in the Counterpit Oceanic Qualifier against the top teams of the region including Team Immunity, Legacy, Vox Eminor, Chiefs, and Trident. To compete against the best of the Oceania has to offer, the team has undergone a series of roster changes to lead into the New Year and beyond.

The Team members are excited for the prospect of the upcoming challenge and would like you to get to know our new additions!

Team Exile5 Roster

Fergus "Ferg" Stevenson

Steven "STV" Cropper

 Peter "Pecks" Nguyen

Daniel "Danz" Whitfield

Christian "Digz" Cheung


In the buildup to their Counterpit Oceanic Qualifier, the players sat down with Exile5 for a quick interview.

Ferg, what motivated you to select these particular players?

I wanted to go with a mix of experience and fresh blood. Digz brings a whole lot of knowledge and wisdom from his successful career in CS source, and provides hybrid awp/rifle play style which is a must have in CS:GO. Danz has been playing at a high level for a while now but is still quite young and still has a lot of untapped potential. Dan has been selected because he will provide the hardcore fragging day in day out. Pecks has been selected due to his 'surprise' factor he brings to the line up. I am confident Pete is going to make  a serious stance over the next few months. He has unreal skill and with only 2 years of game time (you'd think he has been playing longer than me), he is merely at his peak.

What made you all start playing cs?

Ferg - My brother introduced me to CS back in 1999 or 2000, his friend's dad owned a netcafe. I was hooked on the from the first headshot.

Digz - I played quake 2,3,4 (not quake live) during my early years of gaming, and played source on the side with irl mates. I suppose once i discovered the competitive side of the game is the reason why i continued to keep playing.

Pecks -  What made you start playing cs? I used to play a game called Combat Arms. I played semi-competitively for a team called BrutalityCA in a league called Cybergaming League. Soon after the release of CS:GO, many players from the Combat arms scene started finding interest in CSGO so being part of the little community over there I decided to give csgo a try and here i am today.

Danz - I started playing after my brother introduced me to CS 1.5 when I was really young, spending a lot of time and money in internet cafes around Sydney. I used to play iceworld and stacked 64 player GameArena servers on 1.6 and eventually got invested into the game when source was released. I never really achieved anything in source, which is why I delayed starting CS:GO, but really enjoyed the game when I started competitively.

STV - A mate of mine introduced me to Counter-Strike when I was about 13 years old. We played on an American server on my dial up modem, I was awful and my mate destroyed me. Being the super competitive person I am I continued playing until I could beat him (didn't take long). A year later my mate's brother opened a LAN cafe near my house called 'Soul Net' and we would all pack out this LAN cafe and play each other for hours and hours every weekend. I wanted to be the best and I was, I got a good rush when I would destroy older kids/grown men at the game.

What keeps you playing csgo day in, day out?

Ferg - The team environment, the competitiveness, dropping 30 bombs, making the right calls - so many different things which keep me in the game.

Digz - a chance to compete at a high level, in a team atmosphere and the opportunity to travel to play events.

Pecks - At the moment, it's definitely having the opportunity to play in x5 with all these experienced players. Knowing that the more I play with these guys, the more I can improve both my individual and teamwork skills.

Danz - To be completely honest, it boils down to my competitiveness. I undoubtedly have a passion for the game as I’ve spent quite a few years playing it, and the booming scene and relationships within the community are other main reasons.

STV - My competitiveness and hunger to be successful. I have had great success within Australia and on an International scale in CS:Source and want to replicate this with CSGO.

If there was another Crown Invitational in Australia, which two international teams would you invite and why?

Ferg - I'd invite EnVyUs because they're French, but also an incredibly talented team. I'd also like

to see cloud9 come back and get their hinds spanked again.

Digz - fnatic because i believe they are the most skilled team in the world, and NIP coz i've fanboyed f0rest from 1.6.

Pecks - I would invite fnatic because they're the best team in the world and and Luminosity because they're definitely an up and coming team with the capability to win majors.

Danz - Firstly I would invite Luminosity, mainly because I’m a fanboy but also because they play great CS which is enjoyable to watch. I would also invite EnvyUs because of their ridiculous individual skill and would make for some entertaining games.

STV -  NaVi - Just to see GuardiaN play in the flesh, I've met him and played against him years ago in Denmark during my CS:Source days and he has become an even more dominant player in today's game.

Fnatic - They have been the world's best for quite some time and will go down as arguably the best CSGO team of all time. It would be great to watch them live and potentially compete against them.

What's the biggest change you've experienced competitively between source and go (besides molotovs)?

Ferg - The biggest change for me going from 1.6 to CS:GO was the strategic element of the game. 1.6 was a lot more run and gun. The map layouts have definitely improved the game to allow it to be more strategic.

Digz - everything

Pecks - Well i didn't play source so i wouldn't know

Danz - The biggest change for me personally would probably be the movement, I enjoyed source because it was such a change from previous versions and without intense tagging you could pull off some ridiculous stuff.

Favorite LAN food?

Ferg - McDonalds, KFC, any decent junk food.

Digz - depends on the mood, but i'm gonna say a schnitz at the moment or a really good coffee

Pecks - Taro milk tea with pearls

What is STV’s favorite food?

Digz - Nandos

Ferg - Nandos

Pecks - Nandos!

Danz - Nandos

STV - you have to ask?

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