Roster changes for x5 Halo 5 squad

Roster mania has hit Exile5! Adam "Adz" Hall and Jakob "Colt" West are looking to make their mark on Halo 5 in other teams and possibly other regions. While they complete their exits from their player contract obligations we will be bringing in two new players to complete the squad. Welcome to Team Exile5: Dean "Deano" Mills & Adam "Momentuum" B Deano featured in this year's ANZ Regionals when... Read article.

Recap of the Halo World Championship

Woah. It has already been over two weeks since Team Exile5 represented Australia and New Zealand region in the Halo World Championships. For those who missed the games, here is a recap of what you missed! Team Exile5 was placed in group B, coming up against: #1 EU seed, Team Infused, #3 NA seed, Evil Geniuses and, #5 NA seed, Renegades. Our first series of the group stage, was against Infused. In... Read article.

Halo 5 World Championship

Team Exile5 Halo squad will be fighting for a piece of the prize pool of $2,500,000 USD. View event.

Halo World Championship Group Stage

The days of sleep deprived nights and the countless hours of grinding are going to pay off. Our first match will kick off with us up against Team Infused at 8:40am AEDT on Saturday on the main stage, The second match will be up against Evil Geniuses at 11:10am AEDT on Saturday, also on the main stage, The last match we will be up against Team Renegades at 7:10am AEDT on Sunday, on the second stage... Read article.

Team Exile5 depart for LA Bootcamp

Team Exile5 are en route to Los Angeles where they will be bootcamping in the week prior to the Halo World Championships. The bootcamp will allow them to practice against players from the very best server in the world. Hailing from Australia and New Zealand, our players do not get the opportunity to play against many good teams due to region lock. While this is a drawback in our preparations, the ... Read article.

Halo World Championship: 2016 Group Draw announced

The Halo World Championship groups draw have been announced! Team Exile5 will be in group B and coming up against: #1 EU seed, Infused #3 NA seed, Evil Geniuses and, #5 NA seed, Renegades. The championship winnings have also been announced: For more information on the Halo World Championship visit the official portal for all things Halo World Championship here:https://www.halowaypoint.com/en-gb... Read article.

Team Exile5 Halo interview by ESL

Team Exile5's Halo team recently got interviewed by ESL's Kevin Kelly. ESL:What part of your game does your team have to improve on most in order to win?Exile5: Making sure we play our style of game. Fast paced and aggressive as often as we can. We have better ‘chaotic teamwork’ than any other team out there. If we can force that, we can walk away with 1st place. ESL:Which team are you most excit... Read article.

Exile5 Halo: Road to Worlds 2016
Halo 5 World Championship Update

For more information about the Halo World Championship Series, visithttps://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/community/halo-championship-series Read article.

Halo WC: ANZ Regionals

Our Halo squad face off against the best of ANZ at the Regionals event. At the end of the day, two out of six teams will emerge with spots to the Halo World Championships. Every team that qualifies will find themselves over $20,000 richer thanks to the $2 million and rising prize pool. The venue has been confirmed as the much-loved ATP site near Redfern, Sydney. Spectators are allowed, however spo... View event.