Halo World Championship Group Stage

18 Mar 2016 12:15pm

The days of sleep deprived nights and the countless hours of grinding are going to pay off.

Our first match will kick off with us up against Team Infused at 8:40am AEDT on Saturday on the main stage,

The second match will be up against Evil Geniuses at 11:10am AEDT on Saturday, also on the main stage, 

The last match we will be up against Team Renegades at 7:10am AEDT on Sunday, on the second stage. 


The full group matches are here: (All times are in Pacific Time)

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All matches on the Main Stage will be streamed on twitch.tv/Halo, and the matches on the second stage will be streamed on twitch.tv/esl_halo


Make sure you send our boys your energy and support, tweet at them here:

Make sure you follow @Team_Exile5 for everything Exile5 Halo related on the day and during the matches!

(Also we want to see your support in twitch chat, we want to see some x5 in chat)

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