Recap of the Halo World Championship

1 Apr 2016 3:48pm

Woah. It has already been over two weeks since Team Exile5 represented Australia and New Zealand region in the Halo World Championships.


For those who missed the games, here is a recap of what you missed!

Team Exile5 was placed in group B, coming up against:

  • #1 EU seed, Team Infused,
  • #3 NA seed, Evil Geniuses and,
  • #5 NA seed, Renegades.

Our first series of the group stage, was against Infused. Infused were going to be a tough opponent for our first series of group stage. They are the #1 EU seed coming into the world championship, after winning a 4-0 in the Final, against excel eSports in the Regional finals.


After a close but decisive defeat, Infused took the first map, 3-0, on Coliseum CTF. Map two was on The Rig, after a very close game of Slayer, Exile5 took map two win 50-45. Map three was on Strongholds Eden, after a quick game, Infused took the match 100-38. Forth match was a nail bitter. Back on CTF on Truth this time, Exile5 takes the map 3-2, to force a match 5. Last map for the series was Slayer on Plaza, after a neck and neck game, Infused ran away with the lead that they had, and won the map 50-30, and winning the series 3-2.

With the two map wins against Infused, Exile5 proved to the world, that you cannot simply write-off the ANZ region so quickly.

Series number two Exile5 were up against Evil Geniuses. A truly tough opponent, EG was the #3 seed from NA, with our strong presence in series one against Infused, we came into this series hopeful.

Map one was on Strongholds the Rig, after a close early game EG ran away with the base captures and won the map 100-30. Map two was Slayer on Regret, EG dominated the whole game, and won the map 50-19. Map three was Capture the Flag on Fathom, mirroring map 2, EG dominated the whole match, and won the map 3-0.

Unfortunately, through 3 tough matches, EG won the series will a sweeping 3-0 defeat against Exile5.

Our last series for group stage was up against Team Renegades, another tough opponent in our group that before this match is 2-0. Coming in to this game Renegades had confidence to tie off their group stage with a 3-0.

Unfortunately, Exile5 could not hold them off, and Renegades scored a 3-0 against us.

All VOD’s for this event are at

Team Exile5 came out of the championship with being placed 9th-16th, winning $25,000 USD.


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