Roster changes for x5 Halo 5 squad

27 Apr 2016 7:00pm

Roster mania has hit Exile5!

Adam "Adz" Hall and Jakob "Colt" West are looking to make their mark on Halo 5 in other teams and possibly other regions. While they complete their exits from their player contract obligations we will be bringing in two new players to complete the squad.

Welcome to Team Exile5:

Dean "Deano" Mills


Adam "Momentuum" B

Deano featured in this year's ANZ Regionals when he played for Prime. In a team brimming with talent, they were widely considered to have a good shot at making the World Championships, until x5 thrashed their chances in the semis. Now he joins the x5 as one of their own and we're ready to see him soar on this squad.

Momentum comes in as a relative newcomer. Hailed as "the next big thing" this young gun will be able to learn from his veteran teammates around him. We can't wait to see him take flight in x5.


Check out Bald's video announcement of the new recruits:

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