Team Exile5 take ESL ANZ Championship Cup #2!

17 May 2016 12:00am

A few weeks ago, the first cup of the ESL ANZ Championship started. With our new roster consisting of “Bald” “Zerkil” “Momentum” and “Deano”, we went into this championship proving that we are still at an international standard.

Cup one, which was 2 weeks ago, Team Exile5 fought hard battles in the tournament to fight all the way to the upper bracket finals, against Team Immunity. We unfortunately lost the series to Immunity 1-3, we then went on to the final of the loser’s bracket, which we won, and went on to face Team Immunity for the second time. Unfortunately we lost the cup final to Immunity 1-3.

Fast forward two weeks, and we arrive on last weekend, the ANZ Championship Cup two. Now with Team Immunity now moving forward to the invitational round, it was our cup to take. We started the championship with a bye, due to an uneven amount of teams, and also because of seeding from the last cup.

Our first series was up against “Netflix and Kill”, which we took a decisive win, winning 2-0 and progressing to the next round. In the quarter-finals, we came up against “Nuke and Pave”. While the games were close, Team Exile5 walked away with another decisive win, 2-0, progressing to the semi-finals.

As we came to the pointy end of the cup, our opponents were becoming increasingly stronger, and making for closer games. In the semi-finals we came up against “Glacial Gaming”, we dropped our first map of the cup on the first map, but came back with a swift pick up of three maps in a row, winning the semi.

The upper bracket final was against “Online Warriors”, coming in with another swift victory, winning three maps in a row. As we waited for the loser bracket to catch up, we had some time to contemplate many of life’s questions such as, how does Bald manage to keep his beard so beautiful, and how does Zerkil, do the Zerkil special? After a lengthy 4 hour wait, the bracket finally caught up, and the grand final match was up next.

We would come up against “Online Warriors” for a rematch, coming of a win “online warriors” were feeling good. We took the first map swiftly, and then online warriors fought back, and took map two with a Team Slayer victory. Maps three and four were very close games, but Exile5 came out ahead, and took the grand finale. Team Exile5 are now crowned as the ESL ANZ Championship Cup #2 champions, securing ourselves with 100 championship points, and sitting on top of the leader board with 180 points in total.

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