Exile5 Welcomes new OPL 2017 Roster

10 Jan 2017 7:25pm

We are very excited to announce our new OPL League of Legends roster for 2017. Led by the experienced Tgun, we introduce FivetoEight, Siuman, Guts, and Crayzee to the Exile5 family. These five will be supported by Sebbie and Tounasu as Manager and Coach. We can’t wait to watch as they strive to carve the x5 name into the OPL 2017 Fall Split. Team Exile5 is both proud and humbled to be given this opportunity to compete against the best teams in OCE. We think the team is comprised of some of the most exciting talent and we hope that these players will continue to grow and improve as the split goes on.

Our captain Tgun leads this roster and through his leadership and experience skills we hope to be guided to victory. Formally a Starcraft II player, Tgun has shown that he has both the technical mechanics but also the maturity that comes with being professionally proficient in multiple games.

FivetoEight comes to us as a talented Top laner out of the Sin Academy OCS squad. Expect to see great things as he applies his talents both on the field and off with his highly entertaining animations.

Siuman will challenge for the Mid lane and is the only member of the former Exile5 OCS squad. He has a big role to fill in this upcoming split and we are expecting great things.

Guts (formally Xjay) is a highly skilled Soloq jungler who achieved rank 7 challenger in the previous season. His unique style of playing and his excellent work ethic will set the goal high for the team in the coming weeks.

Crayzee our new ADC is super excited for this opportunity and can’t wait to make his mark on the OPL. Having a soloq background, he is our final rookie, but holds great promise for growth in this split.

Our Captain, Tgun had this to say about the team:

“I am humbled by the opportunity given to me, and can’t wait to see what is in store for us. It’s awesome to be a part of Exile5 for the 2017 OPL split and I look forward to proving all the naysayers wrong.”

Follow the players on Twitter, Facebook and the Team Exile5 website and help us to give them the support they need to go for gold.

X5 LoL just got serious again.


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