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21 Jan 2016 11:52am

Hey all, Happy New Year!!

Hope you all had a safe and enjoyable holiday period. Since my last blog, I've been pretty busy. I had the OSC showmatch vs Prozer to try and sneak into to the top 32 - unfortunately it wasn't to be. I feel even being that close, considering my suspension and loss of points earlier in the season, is a positive outcome - it just sucks getting that close and missing out!

However it powers me on now in 2016 to make the top 32 and play in the Championships at the end of the 2016 season

I'm currently in the top 5 for participation and I'm also inside the top 32 both groups I intend to stay in. Even with a rough start this season the passion is still very overwhelming! I would just like to thank Eddie and the OSC team for competitive scene in SEA if not for them I doubt half of us would still play


Onto another one of my major goals for 2016: I seriously need to lose weight and become healthy again.

I am off to a good start losing close to 10kg in the first month. I also started the "Ice Melts Fund" (IMF). The IMF was an idea brought to me by a couple of viewers on my stream. They asked if they could help me lose weight and I didn't know what they meant then. They said to make the expenses a lil bit less extreme. At the time I didn't realise that a personal trainer can charge in excess of $80 an hour so I was a lil confused but I'm glad I started it up. This isn't me asking for help but it's an option for those who wish to help.

To kick off the Ice Melts Fund I did a celebratory 24 hour stream! Maybe one of the toughest things I have done aha
Spending 24 hours in the same game was a challenge but it made me see weaknesses in my play. These weaknesses were amplified the more tired I got. I played 100 ladder games and went 50 - 50 something I didn't think would happen but I'm proud to stay at %50 over 24 hours. I also played a few custom games and a few arcade games towards the end. Thanks to all the people that tuned: in we got up to around 20 at one stage though there were also the dark hours of the morning where it was just me, myself and I ahaha. Big thanks to those who donated as well!

A couple of readers questions came in:

Q: Do you play any other games other than sc2? (Confusion)

A: Yeah I play a fair few consistently I feel you need a game or 2 to play in the downtime. By that I mean sc2 is mentally tasking, so playing games like Heroes of the storm, Company of Heroes 2 and Diablo 3 help me to wind down

Q: Would you ever do a 48 hour stream (Limerance)

A: Well that would be one hell of a challenge seeing as I barely scraped through the 24 hour stream but maybe one day if things all line up!

Thanks all again for reading! WCS qualifiers are coming up, as are a few big tournies, so hopefully I have some good results to report back in my next blog!!

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