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29 Jun 2015 8:31pm


ACL was so much fun, but not everything in my trip was so great. I landed at 12:25 on Friday and set off on the crazy Sydney train system to the Meriton hotel I was staying at with Eddie for 2 nights. 1hour+, a lost pair of sunglasses and $26 later I finally got there, only to have them say "We can't check you in till Eddie gets here." RIP. Thank god they offered to hold onto my luggage, made the next few hours before Eddie arrived a lot better.

After flights and train mind fucks I settled for some nice Hungry Jacks for lunch and hopped back on the train to go find something to do in the city. I spent most of the time hanging around the harbour, taking pics of the Opera House and the bridge, as well as touring around the Museum of Contemporary Art and watching the same busking entertainer do the same routine twice. I even had time to sit down next to the water and listen to some music - so relaxing.

IMG 20150626 155215

Sydney Harbour Bridge from the Opera House

IMG 20150626 161142

Museum of Contemporary Arts Front Sign

IMG 20150626 160926

The **** is this?

IMG 20150626 154539

I imagine if Spartaz sees this he will fap

Eventually I went back to the hotel and chilled in the lobby until Eddie arrived. We dropped our stuff in the room and went to Subway for dinner. Spent the rest of the night watching TV, chatting occasionally and faffing around on sc2sea. Was hoping to catch up with the eCKo boys but they flew in later than expected.

Day 2 started off full of dodge by the eCKo boys, choosing practice over breakfast with us, what a joke. Ended up with us just going straight to the venue. JunO was one of the first people to come say hi, giving me a big JunO hug. Spent some time watching Probe laddering, trying to get some info, but he never got PvP, so I went behind Crimson instead. Clearly that didn't do shit. Got to meet so many people, like SouL, the x5 guys, Redemption and I'm sure many others who I have left out cause my memory is shit.

IMG 20150627 112742

SC2 Play Area

After watching some sick series, I eventually got the play my matches, starting with a PvP against Probe. Game 1 I started with a hidden stargate, but when 2 phoenix flew into my main I knew I was boned. I killed a single probe with my oracle before it died horribly, resulting in many tears. Thankfully, I was able to contain with stalkers and sentries and secure my natural and start teching and when he eventually broke that, I was again able to contain him on 2 base while taking my third. Eventually, I caught his army out and took the game.

Game 2 was just me getting rekt by zealot run bys. ****. Game 3 went late game, with me starting off with a DT shrine - scouted, and getting blink instead. Probe had a robo so I didn't do a whole lot with anything. Multiple engagements and warp prisms later I eventually had to tap out, but was super happy to have taken at least 1 game in my group. Wally and Crimson both shat on me, never got to my ultimate blink sentry immortal storm comp that I so love against either of them. Also **** burrow roaches :P 0-3 (1-6), good shit.

Spent the rest of the day watching some games. Once all us x5 guys were finished with our games for the day we went out in search of food. Originally we were planning on getting Thai food, but we saw a Japanese/Korean restaurant and went there instead. While I enjoyed my food, JunO and KingKong weren't too impressed with the Korean food they got. Sam was even able to tell what brand the food was, not only gosu at SC2 but at food too. The night ended with us getting lost as **** and several illegal U-turns.

Day 3 was, in my opinion, the best day of the lot. And no, it's not just cause it was my 21st birthday :P Because HuT and Ahfrait played against Wally/Probe/Crimson already I didn't have to play any games seeing as the 3 of us were already out of it. This ended up being awesome as I was able to see some sick games, like NXZ v Frustration (those 2 lings wow). As games started finishing I was able to set up on a PC and do some Liquipedia updates and read some tweets. At first Probe and Azure were sat either side of me playing some RvR (Probe got Protoss 3 times in a row LOL), but eventually we had to move cause they wanted to start packing up. I set up at another PC next to Wally and got back to Liquipedia business. I also took this chance to text commentate Wally's games on sc2sea, which i then continued with whatever games I could see. Probe spent a couple hours asking when GSL was starting and then ran off multiple times after it started to watch the main stage, despite me having both streams open (I knew the Rain love was fake, clearly herO is #1). Eventually they shut off the PCs cause only main stage matches remained.

We stayed behind for Alopex v NXZ and this is where the party started. The dongers were in full force, with me, Probe, Azure, Chris and SouL slamming em at mostly irrelevant times. We were slamming so hard all our dongers kept deflating :( (I probably went through about 10+ donger over the 2 days, shit was intense), made things so much harder. Me and Probe especially went at it hard, both basically got RSI from it. We were watching GSL on Azure's phone, so when Rain won we started cheering again and people looked at us like we were crazy. Good times.

x5 went out to dinner before the finals, which by the sound of things was just #Protoss, and went to a KBBQ place that Dot liked. Here we met up with x5 Graphic Designer Leungy and had a sick meat party. We even had some soju to go with it. I was happy with my Coke, but had 2 shots anyway, 1 for ACL, 1 for my birthday :P. I must have a decent tolerance cause I felt nothing from those. Anyways, we had a great time eating, talking and making everyone around us uncomfortable. We even met Flash there! Overall the dinner cost us over $200, but it was totally worth.

The next course was a walk around the area in search of a Korean grocery store. After finding one on the other side of the train line, we got some melon ice cream and Hot6ix (this is clearly said Hot six ix right?) and continued to make people uncomfortable, especially KingSlayer with his 씨발 and 오즘냄새.  This was when we spotted a 노래방 (karaoke) and decided to spend an hour making the girls running the place feel uncomfortable with our singing. We managed to get 100 once, but I can't remember what song it was (JUNO PLS HALP). What surprised me was how damn good Sam (KingKong) was. That dude can SING. Was banging out the high notes like a BOSS. Won't go too much into detail about the events that went on in that room, but we all know who was the #1 dancer in there ;)

After a crazy night out, we went our separate ways. Yours and JunO went home, and KingSlayer dropped me and Dot off at her place. We said our goodbyes to Sam and Eugene and went inside. Dot struggled with a bed cover before giving me a quick tour and then I went the sleep. 1 awesome sleep later, I woke up and took some time to charge my phone and play some games on my tablet before heading to the train station to go to the airport and escape the cold Sydney weather. After checking in and struggling with my umbrella being caught in my zipper, I jumped in the bag drop queue and after a while saw the eCKo boys again. Turns out me and Azure were on the same flight, so we hung out for a bit before boarding. Probe and Ed's flight was delayed so they couldn't check in for a bit so we got lunch without them (you guys missed out on seeing my Hot6ix can, jelly?) It was here I found out about how hard Bunny rekt StarDust and how silly he looked after ripping the paper.

Turns out the weather hadn't been so good today as the roads and stuff were still wet and there was a small drizzle when I left the plane. I got home to a new computer chair (which doesn't actually work properly, so getting it replaced tomorrow) and birthday cards from my family, complete with money and lollies. After a nice home dinner, here I am writing this blog, reflecting on the sick weekend I just had. As I said in the car on Sunday, I'm basically required to go to the next ACL because this one was SOOOOOOO much fun. Also Baldie if you see this, SC2 at ACL Brisbane next time pls <3

[URL=""](If anyone is interested I uploaded all my photos to imgur)[/URL]

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