Welcome Metalcore to the Exile5 Starcraft 2 Academy

24 Jul 2015 11:02pm

Welcome Metalcore to the x5 Academy

We're happy to welcome Metalcore to the Team Exile5 Starcraft 2 Academy.

We've been chatting with Metalcore on and off for a while now and always thought he would be a great fit for the Academy. Hopefully one day, with a bit of hard work he can make it onto the pro roster.

Although he needs no introduction, and his passion for the game is well known amongst the Starcraft 2 community, here's a bit more about him.

Who am I

My name is Alex Townley or as everyone else knows me by, Metalcore and i'm 22 and im from Dunedin, New Zealand.

Background in Starcraft

My mate in high school who came from south africa told me i should try sc2 cos we both played sc1 in the past and convinced me to get into playing it. After a few years of on and off play here i am today. Have always been a terran player but started playing mech at the begging of hots and have enjoyed it ever since.

What else do I do?

I'm in my last year of finishing my BA at uni majoring in Classics and minoring in philosophy. Other than that not much really, just spend timing watching tv shows/movies/anime or gaming or getting drunk at parties or music gigs, just the student lifestyle in general

What I'm great at

Well hopefully gaming since im here after all :P

Tbh donno really, i'm just great at being me.

Most memorable moment in SC2

Promoting to masters for the first time. Was the best cos i didn't expect it when i got it.

What are my goals

To eventually become a expert in the way i play and be a formidable opponent. Guess GM is a nice goal as well.

Something that no one knows about me

Honestly can't think of anything that someone doesn't know about me. Well nothing SFW :P

Anything else to add?

I'm stoked to be playing apart of the x5 team and look forward to my time here.

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