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11 Aug 2015 9:42pm

Team Exile5 are happy to announce the addition of Chan 'chankim' Kim to its professional roster.

Hot on the heels of recruiting Tileä, x5 discovered another strong zerg player was returning from a break in play. Folks in SEA may know Chan's name from his time spent in eCKo prior to his hiatus, largely as a practice partner, but with the number of team leagues now available we hope to help Chan step into the spotlight and make a name for himself in competitive SC2.

With a new addition to the x5 swarm, we approached Team Manager x5 Dot for her thoughts

Chan will make a very welcome addition to the x5 SC2 lineup. I am very excited to see him play in the upcoming team leagues and hope he settles into the x5 family well.

In addition, here are a few words from x5 uJeanZ, Team Manager and Starcraft 2 Division Manager

I've known Chan for many years through my clan Ninth Legion and I consider him to be a good friend. When I decided to expand our Starcraft 2 player base beyond the ANZ region, Chan was one of the first people I thought of to recruit to Team Exile5.

It goes without saying that he's an amazing player. I don't think it's an exaggeration to say that he's the calibre of player that we could easily see in GSL one day. He's incredibly dedicated to the game and to the swarm!.

On a personal level, Chan is quite simply an awesome bloke with a great sense of humour and generally fun to be around. I hope Team Exile5 can help him grow as a professional player. We'll certainly be doing all we can to support him on his journey to Proleague. Can't wait to cheer him on under the x5 banner.


To celebrate Chan's arrival on the Exile5 roster, an interview was conducted on behalf of Exile5 and the OSC to let folks get to know him better.


===Interview (by x5.Crescendo)===


Behind the Username is an interview series where I ask some questions of regular players I meet in and around SC2SEA and our tournaments.

Today I have a chat with Chan 'x5 chankim' Kim, the latest recruit to Exile5's pro roster.


C: Welcome to Exile5, chankim!

It has been quite a while since I've seen your name in the brackets of online events. The last time was during the KeSPA Cup qualifiers when SEED, who has been dominant in recent Leifeng Cups, knocked you out of the event. What has motivated you to make another push into the field of competitive SC2?

chankim: I don't know if you should say I was a competitive SC2 player in the first place since I never really played in many tournaments. But after I left Ecko, I stopped playing for a few months. Not completely, just 1-3 games a day casually and I always planned on coming back. So I don't think anything really motivated me besides the opportunity to join x5!

C: With that in mind, what are your current goals, short and mid-term, when it comes to Starcraft?

chankim: Right now I just want to play more and shake off the rust. Eventually I'd like to win a tournament though, of course.

C: Speaking of shaking off the rust, the last time I saw you play was prior to the Swarmhost changes. Since then, have you altered your play in any way? Are there particular progamers whose styles and build orders you look to for inspiration in the current metagame?

chankim: Not really, I still play basically the same except in ZvP where I'm including a lot more variety than before. One progamer I look up to though, is INnoVation. Even though he's a Terran player, he plays standard macro and he's pretty good at it. I want to be just like him when I grow up!!

C: Describe your playstyle in 10 words or less

chankim: Standard macro with as many drones as I can get

C: A lot of us, whether in tournaments or on ladder, have games which stick in our memory as being more fun or entertaining than others. Do you have a war story or favourite match you'd like to share or brag about?

chankim: Probably the game that got me promoted to KR GM? I held a 2 base all in for 15 minutes.. Not very exciting but I think it's my happiest memory with SC2.

C: Definitely something to be proud of! Now that you are in x5, I expect we'll be seeing a lot more of you in online events.

With that in mind, of the various partnered OSC tournaments, which do you get a chance to keep up with? Which can we hope to see you playing in?

chankim: I don't really keep up with many tournaments at all, so I don't know. But I'll be trying to play in as many as I can since I really lack tournament experience.

C: Allow me to suggest, at the very least, the Leifeng and Masters Cups. There are also a lot of weekly events and regular tournaments.

Looking to the future, with Legacy of the Void on the horizon, what are your thoughts on what you have seen of LotV thus far?

chankim: I haven't played or watched LotV much, but apparently Zerg is pretty good? So that's nice!!!

C: For a bit of fun: if there was anyone in the world you could challenge to a Best of Five match, who would it be, and why?

chankim: There's this Mexican Zerg I know, whose name will not be said. He thinks he's the best and always puts me down. I want to prove to him that he is in fact not a literal god and even with my 25% ZvZ winrate I can beat him!!!! I know you're reading this, Lopez.

C: #ShotsFired. On a more personal note, is there a moment in time which you consider particularly important or formative for who you are as a player and person now?

chankim: Maybe not one particular moment, but over the years of playing SC2 I've learned a lot of things not just about the game. It's definitely been an important part of my life.

C: Would you be willing to share some of those things?

chankim: Learn from your mistakes and move on. Losing can be a good thing if you can do that.

C: Could you share with us all a bit more about yourself outside of SC2? Favourite food, music, pastimes etc?

chankim: Well, I'm a uni student taking a gap year right now. When I'm not playing SC2, I usually spam/get spammed by people on skype, play csgo with my new teammate or play with my doge

C: Bonus points if there is a picture of teh doge


C: That is too adorable!

Finally, feel free to self-promote, give sponsors shout-outs, and drop some links here if you want folks to follow you on the various social media/streaming sites

chankim: Of course I'd like to thank x5 for having me, shoutout to Nvidia and my non existent fans!!

You can follow me @x5_chankim although I don't really tweet much.

C: Thanks for taking the time to have a chat with me today :)
Good luck in your upcoming tournaments - play to your full potential, and I am certain that fanbase will expand in time!

chankim: Thanks!!

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