Good Games, Well Played: KingkOng places second in the WCS Spring Regional Challenger!

Exile5 congratulates our Starcraft 2 veteran Zerg player Sam 'KingkOng' Yu for an incredible run in this season's WCS challenger event! After some intensely exciting and nail-biting series against the region's top players, he regrettably fell in the finals to the incredible form of the Terran player Ethan 'Iaguz' Zugai. Of particular note during the weekend was KingkOng's five-game brawl with Fren... Read article.

WCS Season 2 ANZ/SEA Qualifier: Stage 3

KingkOng goes up against Iaguz in the semi finals, then the winner of Seither vs Enderr if he makes it to the Grand Finals. The winner takes a spot at DreamHack Tours' WCS Championship. View event.

WCS Season 2: Oceania/Southeast Asia Qualifiers: Stage 2

For more information regarding this event please visit: View event.

PiG and Neuro join the CyberSports Network Coaching Team

Team Exile5 are pleased to announce that we are assisting the CyberSports Network as they unveil their new webpage and Starcraft2 coaching initiative. Two of our well known players and streamers, Jared 'PiG' Krensel and Austin 'Neuro' Filsinger, are on the newly formed coaching team. Traditionally, SC2 coaching has always been a one-on-one experience, largely due to the nature of the game. CSN how... Read article.

DreamHack ZOWIE Open: Austin WCS Passport ANZ/SEA Qualifiers

Start time: Sunday, 03 Apr 2016 2:00pm AEST Check in time: Sunday, 03 Apr 2016 12:00pm AEST(Please note that daylight savings ends at 3am on Sunday morning) Sign-up info: View event.

StarCraft II WCS 2016 ANZ - Open Qualifier Season 2

Start time: Saturday, 02 Apr 2016 10:00 AEDT Check in time: Saturday, 02 Apr 2016 09:00 AEDT Sign-up info: View event.

WCS Shanghai Round Up

Our condolences go out to our player Sam 'KingkOng' Yu, who was knocked out of the single-elimination open bracket at WCS Shanghai by the Dutch Protoss player Kevin 'Harstem' De Koning. It is some consolation that Harstem then went on to become the tournament winner. However, Exile5's involvement with WCS Shanghai wasn't just on the competitive side: Jared 'PiG' Krensel was one of the commentator... Read article.

WCS Shanghai: Open Qualifiers

Our very own KingK0ng will be in attendance in the WCS Shanghai Open Qualifier. After being disqualified for the Oceanic Regional Qualifier due to a dubious ruling, this is KingK0ng's last chance to attend the event! More details: View event.

KingkOng takes a second shot at WCS Shanghai!

Playing on the world stage is Sam 'KingkOng' Yu's dream. It is what drives him to practice for hours even while studying. In Oceanic StarCraft, the name KingkOng is synonymous with high level zerg play. He is the final boss of many of our regional tournaments, a boss that other top contenders frequently find difficult to take down. Despite a history of strong tournament performances, when it comes... Read article.

ESL Summer Cup #3

Team Exile5 players will be participating in the 3rd ESL $1000 Summer Cup. For more information and sign up instructions, please visit the ESL Site View event.