PiG Blog: Being a foreigner right now - and ACL Brisbane

This blog is about what being a Starcraft II progamer outside of Korea (Australia for me) means right now, and the challenges we face ahead. This blog is written in the context of the weekend I just had at ACL Brisbane. This was the first big event for HotS (in Australia) and kicked off the SEA SCII season. This was written before the WCS NA Qualifier but just got around to posting it.Competition,... Read article.

Doombie joins the x5 Starcraft Division

Team Exile5 is happy to announce we have a new addition to our Starcraft family.We would like you all to join us in welcoming BrBr.Doombie on board.In case you haven’t seen his stream, Doombie has created his own show called "Breaking Bronze" and is attempting to get to Grand Master status with lots and lots of practice and a little help from the community.So far, he has managed to get to Diamond ... Read article.