Exile5 wins the SC2 Saulo Silva Team League Season 1

24 Oct 2015 9:36pm

What an epic end to the SC2 SEA Team League.

Jared "PiG" Krensel​ finishes off in style by scoring an all kill over Frenetic Array​ thereby making Team Exile5 season champions.

Thanks to all the teams that competed - Silicon Sports​, Frenetic Array & Ecko Esports​ .

Thanks to Frenetic Array for a fun final series to watch. Eros gave us some frightening moments vs PiG's hatch first opener in game one and the back and forth between Pig and Pox was a classic.

Thanks of course to our amazing SC2 players Tileä, ChanKim, Pigeon and PiG who came in towards the end of the season after some casting gigs overseas. Of course thanks also to our SC2 academy members who also competed in this tournament - RunaMoK, Arrival, Namakaye (who was actually one of the organisers of this event and therefore wasn't able to compete), Metalcore, Ice, Jevyn . Such great players. Such great people. It's always a pleasure witnessing you guys gel together as a team and support one another.

Bring on season 2 and any other team leagues that come our way!!!

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