Good Games, Well Played: KingkOng places second in the WCS Spring Regional Challenger!

18 Apr 2016 12:23am

Exile5 congratulates our Starcraft 2 veteran Zerg player Sam 'KingkOng' Yu for an incredible run in this season's WCS challenger event!

After some intensely exciting and nail-biting series against the region's top players, he regrettably fell in the finals to the incredible form of the Terran player Ethan 'Iaguz' Zugai.

Of particular note during the weekend was KingkOng's five-game brawl with Frenetic Array's Seither, where he clawed his way back from a 2-0 deficit with three adrenaline-inducing back-to-back wins. The games were deemed the most exciting series by the ESL admins organising the event.

Although KingkOng misses out on a seeded spot at Dreamhack Tours, he does walk away with $1500 in prize money and 70 WCS Circuit points towards Blizzcon standings where he is currently ranked 34th

KingkOng continues his return to form, despite the pressures of study, and we have complete faith that we shall see him take his rightful place on the world stage this year.


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