KingkOng takes a second shot at WCS Shanghai!

17 Mar 2016 11:00am

Playing on the world stage is Sam 'KingkOng' Yu's dream. It is what drives him to practice for hours even while studying.

In Oceanic StarCraft, the name KingkOng is synonymous with high level zerg play. He is the final boss of many of our regional tournaments, a boss that other top contenders frequently find difficult to take down.

Despite a history of strong tournament performances, when it comes to WCS he has had a run of 'almost made it' moments

Under the old WCS system, KingkOng found his way into Premier blocked by NesTea, Major, PiG, and scheduling conflicts with his studies.

Under the new WCS system, poorly worded residency requirements led to the situation where he lost a seeded place in WCS Shanghai.


Dreams aren't fragile things. Despite the brutal setback, KingkOng is a player with a strong will and good mentality: he isn't willing to give up his WCS ambitions so easily.

Team Exile5 likewise don't want his WCS Shanghai attempt to end due to red tape. We want KingkOng's dream to become a reality.

At the time of posting, all flights, accommodation, and visa details have been confirmed for KingkOng's participation in the WCS Shanghai Open Brackets. The Open bracket will commence on Saturday, 19th March at 4pm AEDT.

When I asked Sam how he was feeling about Shanghai, he replied that losing his seed had been demotivating, but that he had overcome that problem and has been practising hard.

He is very confident, and won't be landing in Shanghai unprepared for the gauntlet which faces him.

To quote KingkOng directly: "I will show SEA Zerg's power"

Exile5's SC2 Division manager, Eugene 'uJeanZ' Astuto, shared his thoughts

I can't express how happy I am that we as a team are able to support Sam on his WCS journey. Being refused his seed was gut wrenching for everyone but especially him. When we saw this opportunity taken away from him, we had to make it right as best as possible. I'm so proud to be part of a team that genuinely cares about its players and didn't really hesitate to send him off to Shanghai to compete. I'm sure he'll make the team and the rest of Australia proud.


As a bonus, here is his interview from September 2014, where he talks about how he got into Starcraft and other topics:


WCS Shanghai: Open Qualifiers

Our very own KingK0ng will be in attendance in the WCS Shanghai Open Qualifier. After being disqualified for the Oceanic Regional Qualifier due to a dubious ruling, this is KingK0ng's last chance to attend the event! More details: View event.

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