PiG and Neuro join the CyberSports Network Coaching Team

10 Apr 2016 10:35pm

Team Exile5 are pleased to announce that we are assisting the CyberSports Network as they unveil their new webpage and Starcraft2 coaching initiative.

Two of our well known players and streamers, Jared 'PiG' Krensel and Austin 'Neuro' Filsinger, are on the newly formed coaching team.

Traditionally, SC2 coaching has always been a one-on-one experience, largely due to the nature of the game. CSN however are experimenting in an innovative new approach to broaden the accessibility of coaching by making it a group exercise: through focusing on specific aspects of SC2 strategy and mechanics in a session, guided by the experience of the coaches, they hope to create a new and affordable way for people seeking coaching to improve their SC2 skills.

The coaches, in turn, get the benefit of using their often limited coaching time to be able to help more people than they otherwise might be able to.

We look forward to seeing how CSN's coaching initiative proceeds, and will add the thoughts of PiG and Neuro here when available :)

You can learn more about CSN here


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