Welcome Coach Satu

6 Jul 2016 7:50pm

It is with enormous pleasure that we welcome to the Exile5 Starcraft 2 Division, Charlie "Satu" Potter.

Satu is one of the most respected coaches in the ANZ region, having given so much to the community and it's players in the form of free coaching and the like. He is a true Starcraft 2 Community warrior. He also also has the requisite leadership, analytical and motivational skills that are the hallmarks of a great coach. For these reasons, we're incredibly excited to have Satu leading the charge for the Starcraft 2 Academy players.

I took some time to interview Satu on his joining the team and I'm pleased to share this with you guys now. 


E: So welcome Satu to Exile5. It's great to have you on board. Can you tell us a little bit about your background in SC2. How did you start out ?

S: I started playing late 2010 after having watched husky videos for about a month. I became a tournament admin pretty quickly for sc2sea, but played the game a lot at the same time. Within about a year I went from bronze to masters, and the year after that I was competing at a decent level in SEA tournaments.

E: You’ve done a LOT of free coaching over the years. How did you end up getting into coaching ?

People just started asking me in game if I would teach them when they saw my league. I only advertised free coaching once or twice, but I still to this day have people I coach regularly just because they asked in game. I’ve always found it pretty fun watching players improve with my help.

E: You’ve been given a lot of responsibility by x5. Our SC2 division has long been one of our premier divisions and we want our academy to be the spring board for our next pro players. What are you goals for the academy and what’s your strategy for achieving this?

S: I’d like to see at least one of the current academy players get into the pro team. I’m taking a very thorough approach to helping these players improve. I’m not just going to look over replays and tell them what they need to do better in game. I’ll make sure they are playing enough to actually improve, have realistic short term goals, improve them for competition specifically, while making sure they have a positive mindset. Every player is different though, so I’ll be taking different approaches based on what each of them needs.

E: That’s great. That’s exactly the kind of personalised approach to the academy that we sorely miss. So you’ve also had a good run at being a professional player, do you still have any ambitions to play (as a player / coach) again at some point in the future ?

S: I currently don’t plan to play competitively again in tournaments. However, I do plan to play ladder, and stick around NA gm. I think it helps my coaching immensely if I’m active in the game, so I can keep up with the meta. I’ll also be able to practice with the academy members if they want customs. If I get very high on NA ladder, I might consider coming back to competition, but that would be a long while.

Oh, and I’ll take being called as a professional player as a compliment, although I don’t think I’ve ever really qualified as one in the past.

E: What attracted you to Exile5 ?

S: No other teams in SEA looked like they would be a good fit for me as a coach. I think x5 is a good fit, because I know a lot of the players from my time playing competitively, and they respect me enough to trust my opinion as a coach. There's other factors to consider, but that was a pretty big part of my decision.

E: And lastly, do you have any final words for your supporters out there?

S: Please cheer for me, I’ll show you good academy players.

E: haha perfect response. 

S: Typical Korean response was needed


Once again, welcome Satu. We know you're going to be a huge asset to our Starcraft 2 Academy and to the Exile5 family overall. We hope that we too can support you in achieving your goals in Starcraft 2 and eSports. 


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