x5 in Europe: Part Three [41 Summer Invitational]

x5 PiG and Dot attended mYi's 41 Summer Invitational held in Lausanne, Switzerland. The event had epic production by Crealine Audio Systems, a great venue, great players and, of course, great casters! PiG formed one half of the casting duo with mYi Pengwin and they provided great entertainment for over 9 hours.

The players were: Ai.Patience, Ai.Golden, mYi.Niroxs, mYi.Sacsri, mYi.StarDust, M.ForGG, M.MarineLord and XMG.Lilbow. Patience played amazingly throughout the whole event to claim first place, 2000 Euros and a nice trophy. Sacsri also deserves a mention for coming back from a 0-2 deficit to defeat StarDust in the semi finals.

Overall, it was a fantastic event and we're glad Team Exile5 took part in it.