EXCLUSIVE Gainward GTX 960 Phantom GLH Photos

We are proud to show off Gainward (Official)'s latest GTX 960 Phantom GLH graphic card! The new Gainward GeForce GTX 960 series hits the sweet spot of the most cost effective way to get a high-end gaming experience, such as 1080P gaming at 60 FPS.

We have been lucky enough to get our hands on this great card to have a full demonstration and play around with it. It has been performing amazingly so far!

Some features include:
- next generation NVIDIA Maxwell architecture
- new Phantom cooler design with removable fans, 4 copper heat-pipes and copper base
- factory over-clocked
- extreme over-clocking capability
- stream processor: 1024 cores
- base clock: 1279 MHz
- boost clock: 1342 MHz
- memory clock/bandwidth: 3,600MHz
- memory type: 7Gbps GDDR5, 128 bits
- memory size: 2GB
- low power consumption
- 4 display output