Exile5 Welcomes Sebbie & Autumn

In our continued efforts to grow the team to meet ever evolving challenges, We would like to Welcome two new managers to our Management team. Sebbie and Autumn join us from very diverse backgrounds, and we cant wait to see what they can do! Sebbie comes to us formally as the Manager of Sin Oceania's Academy team, where she worked with the team in their run for the Split 2 of the OCE OCS. She comes... Read article.

x5 T1 qualify for the Call of Duty World Championships!

‪#‎x5Pride‬We've done it! We're heading to Los Angeles for World Champs! x5 T1 with the other qualified teams, MindFreak and Integral Gaming Congratulations Iskatuu, Damage, Chilean and Fate! Next month they'll be going to the Call of Duty World Champs for the second time. 5th last year, let's see how far they can go in 2015.We are thrilled to see them qualify today and can't wait to cheer them on... Read article.

Exile5 Welcomes our first HearthStone player, fyd!

Team Exile5welcomes our first HearthStone player,Mitch "fyd" Pilipowski! We have been searching for the right player for some time now and were delighted when we came across Mitch. He originally applied to us after our initial round of interviews, but his application demonstrated a mature character and love for the game in such a way that we decided to interview him on the spot! Mitch understands ... Read article.

x5 Baxter wins MvC3 at Shadowloo Showdown 6!

HE'S DONE IT! Congratulations x5 Baxter for being the FIRST Australian to win a major game at Shadowloo, taking down EG | K-Brad in the finals of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3!‪#‎x5Pride‬ In the Grand Finals, KBrad took the first set, effectively resetting the counter since Baxter won the Winners Final. Baxter closed out the final and defining set 3-0 to take the crown to a roaring live crowd! Thank... Read article.

x5 T1 is born!

It is with enormous pleasure that Team Exile5 welcome to our family the legendary CoD Console team, T1 Dotters! Console and x5? Together?? The last time we saw this happening was… too long for anyone to really remember. In the intervening years we have focused on many more PC titles and console games seemed too hard to get back into. There simply didn’t seem like a good enough opportunity to step ... Read article.

Happy New Year!
Merry Christmas!

The Team from Exile5 wish you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas! Read article.

MSi GTX 760 graphics card winner!

Just received the MSi GTX 760 Graphics Card which I won in the TeamExile5 Giveaway. Thanks so much, IT IS HUGE in comparison to the old 430 I had, and is SO MUCH BETTER in every way! - winner, Sean Crudgington Another happy prize winner! We're glad the MSI GTX 760 graphics card made it in time for Christmas! Read article.

Exclusive Interview with Lead MP Designer for BF:Hardline

Our returning Battlefield player CryptiK was able to nab an exclusive in-depth interview with the Lead Designer for Battlefield Hardline.Take a look at what to expect when the game releases! Hi Thaddeus, thank you for taking the time to do this interview. So first up how does it feel working in your very own “Cops and Robbers”-themed Battlefield? Hi Nathan. It’s my pleasure, as you probably know I... Read article.

Get to know the x5 Academy: Sparrow

Sparrow has been training with the Team Exile5 Academy for the past month. In this short time he's shown significant improvement and a great positive attitude. So it's with great pleasure that we make it official and welcome Sparrow to the Academy. And of course, it wouldn't be truly official unless we put him through a quick Q&A.Q: So who are you?Hello! I’m Sparrow a.k.a wotcha. I’m a 23 year... Read article.

Team Exile5's Holiday Giveaway 2014: Terms & Conditions

Below are the terms and conditions for our Holiday Giveaways on Team Exile5’s Facebook page. By entering you automatically consent to these terms. Facebook Exclusive Giveaway Rules: We never add your personal information to our mailing list, sell it,or give it away. You do not need to give us your mailing info unless you win. No purchase is necessary to enter any giveaway. One entry per mailing ad... Read article.