Exile5 Welcomes Sebbie & Autumn

In our continued efforts to grow the team to meet ever evolving challenges, We would like to Welcome two new managers to our Management team. Sebbie and Autumn join us from very diverse backgrounds, and we cant wait to see what they can do! Sebbie comes to us formally as the Manager of Sin Oceania's Academy team, where she worked with the team in their run for the Split 2 of the OCE OCS. She comes... Read article.

Intergate Internet Cafe – League of Legends Competition

With a $750 dollar first prize and $250 dollars for the second prize, you can tell that the competition was geared towards the hardcore side of the community. Many of Sydney's finest had turned up with the hopes of getting their hands on the cash. The teams were seeded into two brackets, one would be playing early in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Matches went on throughout the day wh... Read article.

PiG at Heart of the Swarm Melbourne Launch

This event was such a blast to attend! I got into Melbourne earlier in the day and was super excited when I wandered over to Fed Square and was reminded just how awesome this venue was. Right in the heart of Melbourne, surrounded by Museums, Galleries, a historic train station and the stage itself actually in a square that is one of Melbourne's key social meeting places. This is as mainstream, pub... Read article.

PiG joins our StarCraft 2 Division

Team Exile5 decides to bacon up!Starcraft 2 is one of the titles that x5 moved into last year and based on the results and level of community engagement this title is one we wanted to have a lot more involvement with. Therefore it is with great pleasure that we announce that PiG will be joining the ranks of Team Exile5 to represent us as our first Zerg player. Jared "PiG" Krensel brings a whole ra... Read article.

x5: League of Legends

Its finally time for us to publicly announce that Team Exile5 is picking up MiS Consulting's League of Legends' team, asking them to join our ranks. X5 has been in discussions with MiS for a lquite a while and we've watching them perform to test their mettle but also to get to know their current sponsor, MiS. We have been very impressed with the team, their attitudes and results and so we have off... Read article.

Gosu Cup Asia I Writeup

On 13th - 14th October x5.Dota 2 took part in the massive Gosu Cup Asia I. The cup was a tournament spanning two days and saw 207 teams enter, each with their own envisions of taking home the grand prize of $500 and the bragging right of the best team in Asia. Out of the 207 teams there was some fierce competition, including teams such as; Flash eSports, Orange eSports, Mineski, Natural9, MuFc, Mi... Read article.

Team Exile5 get their game on for real! IRL zombie shooter event

Thanks to the amazing team over at, Top players from Exile5 get the chance participate in the world first, and incredible concept which has everyone on the edge of their seats: PATIENT 0!"Patient 0 is is the launch title from new Australian Live Action videogame developer IRL Shooter. Patient – 0 is a world first real life, multiplayer, first person shooter, role playing game. This ... Read article.

My EB Expo Experience by Bard

Ok so EB Expo was my first interstate LAN that I have attended/qualified for. Previous to this I have played in 2 ARENA lans in Adelaide with okish results. My thoughts going into this event was to not worry about my perfomance and simply to try and compete and have a good time. I definitely achieved this goal! Day 1 (Thursday) I arrived in Sydney airport at around 6pm and met up with Frustration ... Read article.

Exile 5 Announces DOTA 2 Division

Team Exile5is excited to announce the formation of aDota 2division, picking upTeam Suits! Suits, despite being recently formed, are a team consisting of some of the top players from the Oceanic region. They’re aiming to become the #1 name in Oceania and to become a top contender in the International scene.Based in Sydney, where they are known for their LAN dominance, all players in the team are lo... Read article.

Team Exile5 Announces StarCraft 2 Division

TeamExile5is happy to announce the formation of aStarCraft 2division, picking up the recently formedTeam Mastermind. Team Mastermindis a team of young up and coming players and we feel that with the added support of being in a solid organisation, they can reach the top of Australian gaming. As individuals the players are solid all around competitors, posting respectable results against the best in... Read article.

Exile5 Gears Up For Battle with NVIDIA

Team Exile5is very excited to announce we’re joining forces withNVIDIA, adding them to our family of prestigious partners. We’ve been building on our successful results for the last 5 years and to reach our current position of support from organisations like NVIDIA has been an incredible journey. This new opportunity allows Team Exile5 to expand our roster of current players and introduce new memb... Read article.