Exile5's Event Recap for 29/05/2016

29 May 2016 12:00am

Today was a huge day for the team, with Teams competing in Halo, CS:GO, Hearthstone, and Starcraft 2 competing in various competitions online. Below is a recap of our efforts today, as they competed in the ANZ ESL Championships and the ESL Autumn Cup #5.


Coming into the day strong, CS:GO hit hard in the group stages of the event, taking down veto nuke(16-11), Supremacy(16-11) and Skyfire(16-7), coming out as #1 seed in their Group 3 games. Entering the knockout bracket of the tournament, we took down Dismay Blue (16-8) before falling to Trident ESC (11-16), where we placed in the 5-8 position for the day. In the overall standings, we are placed roughly 6th, and expected to make it into the next stage of the ESL ANZ Championships.



Ripl1ne and Humans competed today in the Qualifier, battling through a field of 49 other competitors.

Early, Humans struggled, going down 1-3 tommyC to in the first round, but was able to bounce back taking round 2 win off Rucci 3-0 and a round 3 win as default, before falling 2-3 to jazzycakes, where his run ended for the Day.

Ripl1ne stormed out of the gate firing on all cylinders defeating PoopSteve420 3-0 in Round 1, TRD23 3-0 in Round 2, before stumbling to Swishface 2-3 in Round 3. Regrouping after the unfortunate defeat, he went against 3-0 Panz in Round 4, 3-1’ed dotDark before falling to Ultimta 2-3 in Round 6.



Halo began their day with a default round win before tackling Team Attitude, who they defeated 2-0 in round 2. After trouncing The Duck Squad in Round 3, the boys faced off their biggest challenge yet, in the form of Pink Mist. Fighting hard, they unfortunately were unsuccessful falling 2-3 and getting knocked to the lower bracket. In true 1love style, the boys rebounded, taking a 3-0 win vs Glacial Gaming, and a 3-1 win over Dark Sided. In the LB finals, they met their old foe, Team Immunity, who they soundly defeated 3-0, before advancing to the finals, where Pink Mist waited. Fighting it out, the team was unable to overcome them, and fell 0-3 in the finals.



The Second competition of the Day was the ESL Autumn Cup #5, with players competing for a share in $1,000! Competing in today’s tournament were PiG, Kingkong, and Arrival.

PiG’s run began early in the day, with quick wins vs Wally (2-0) and DustDemiLove (2-0) before he faced his first true opponent in the form of Probe. Taking the series to completion, the players battled it out, but the Notorious PIG struck gold, winning the series 2-1, where he faced a showdown with his teammate Kingkong. The battle between teammates was quick, and a bit cheeky, and unfortunately PiG was defeated in that matchup knocked to the lower bracket, where he awaited his fate. The Beast known as Iaguz stormed through the lower bracket, setting up an epic TvZ showdown that went the distance where Iaguz defeated Pig 2-1, and advanced to the Grand Final, where a certain King of Kong awaited.

KingKong also began his day with a default win, before facing Ceron in his first bo3, where he quickly defeated him 2-0. Advancing to the third round, he faced the mighty EnDeRr, who he swept in a thrilling 2-0 set, before advancing onto another worthy challenger in Seither. The challenger was unsuccessful, and KingKong advanced to the winner’s bracket after taking Seither down 2-0. In the Winners Bracket final, the showdown between teammates was quick, with a straight set 2-0 win vs PiG. Iaguz stormed through the Lower bracket, to face off against KingKong in the Grand Finals, with KK being awarded a 1 game advantage Iaguz was quick to strike and even at 1-1. Kingkong came back, and defeated Iaguz 3-1 in the Finals, and was crowned the champion of the ESL Autumn Cup #5. 

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  • 29 May 2016 at 10:02pm (2 years ago)

    Well done to all the teams and well done KK for winning the ESL ANZ Autumn Cup. best of luck next time PiG

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