Team Exile5 looking to expand into Overwatch

25 May 2016 6:00pm

We here at Team Exile5 love Overwatch. Ever since the beta was out late last year it has been all we can think of. And for good reason. Overwatch is an amazing game that is ridiculously fun to play. 

Although the game is only newly released, we want to get in on the Overwatch action from the get-go and help support the scene like we have done in numerous other titles.

If you think you have what it takes to play the game competitively for x5, please feel free to send in an application to

It is very important for us to assess your application as best as we can. In order to do so, we need to know as much about you and your Overwatch (and gaming) history as possible - yes, we know there's not much there yet. Ensure that you have filled in the fields below when you send in your application!


Alias (Player Name):


Why do you love Overwatch:

Previous experience in Esports:

Gaming Goals:

A little bit about you outside of gaming:

What you can add to Team Exile5:

What kind of sponsorship do you expect/want:

GL! In the meantime, come play some Overwatch with us! Tweet @Team_Exile5 and our Overwatch guru @x5_HappyRage to find out when we play.

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