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Today, the elite group we call "Team Razer" is home to some 300+ professional eSports athletes hailing from 34 countries around the world - last year Team Razer won an incredible $4m: the reward of over 280 major podium placements across eSports at large. Team Razer is not just about sponsorships and slapping a logo on a jersey - our goal is to provide a productive, professional and passionate environment for those eSports teams and players, so they can compete at the highest possible level.

But it's not only about the players in eSports. Team Razer works with tournament organizers, game partners, and advertisers; it's a melting pot of ideas and strategies designed to drive the industry forward and promote eSports at an entirely new level. Team Razer symbolizes the very best of the industry we love.

Our mission is to inspire and pioneer eSports around the world as we have always done to the very highest level.


AMD is one of the world's biggest computer processor and related technologies companies for business and consumer markets. Founded in 1969, they have led the way in innovating technology that powers millions of intelligent devices, including PCs, game consoles and cloud servers that defined a new era of surround computing. Today, AMD's main products include microprocessors, motherboard chipsets, graphics processors, workstations and personal computers, and embedded systems applications. 

Having been a partner with x5 in 2008 when the esports landscape was in its infancy, there is no doubt AMD has been a strong supporter of gaming and esports for years. Our aim is to help the gaming industry deliver innovative technologies, nurture open industry standards and aid in its evolution in all ways possible.

AMD Gaming Evolved.